• Peanut Butter Cinna-Banana-Sparugula Smoothie. Easy Peasy.

    Peanut Butter Cinna-Banana-Sparugula Smoothie. Easy Peasy.

    Haven't been doing a lot of green smoothies lately. How 'bout you guys? What is easily a once-a-day routine in the warmer months just doesn't come very naturally to me now . It's too coooooold. 

    Instead, I wrap myself in thick scarves and wool sweaters (yes, plural) and hunker down with pots and pots of endless tea to keep warm. 

    Ok, maybe I'm a bit of a baby about it. 

    Time to woman up and eat my greens. Because there does come a time, I've found, when your body starts to scream for greens. 

    My solution? Cinnamon. It's delicious, warming, sweet, and (bonus!) amazing for stabilizing blood sugar.

    This recipe is too easy. 

    Just put:

    • one banana
    • two handfuls of greens I used spinach and arugula.
    • one tablespoon raw peanut butter 
    • a generous dash of cinnamon
    • and one cup of nut/seed milk your favorite blender, blend it up, and voilà! Deliciousness.

    And if you're up for yet another (not tea) beverage this week, head over to my friend Jaclyn's page to snag her Nut-Free Cinnamon Sesame Shake. It's killer.  

    Your turn! What's your favorite way to warm up?