• That Natural Life: Green Cleaning + Beyond!

    That Natural Life: Green Cleaning + Beyond!


    These days, consumers are more educated and aware than ever.

    We've been hearing about the harmful effects of toxins, endocrine disruptors, plastics, and fragrance in our cleaning and personal care products for years, and we're starting to demand better.

    We've been using awesome resources like The Environmental Working Group to help us make more informed decisions, and we're making better choices! Choices that support and build health, physically and environmentally.

    We're fully on board with greening things up, but we don't always know where or how to start.

    In my experience, overhauling your cleaning supplies is one of the simplest and most powerful places to start!

    The feeling of empowerment and liberation you'll experience is powerful, and it often leads to so much more, which is why I'm including a few other ideas here, too! 

    Keep it simple or explore some of the next-level ideas. It's completely up to you!


    One of the many awesome things about greening up your cleaning routine is that it's so darn easy!

    You'll need to stock up on a few things beforehand, but once you've got these basic ingredients, you'll be good to go! 

    Everything you'll find here will be easy to make, will often save you money, and actually works, just without the negative effects (respiratory, hormonal, digestive, skin, financial, environmental, etc.) of the conventional stuff! 

    I'd call that a win-win-win-win-win-win!

    So let's jump in, shall we?

    As you'll see below, doTERRA, the essential oils company I love, trust, and have chosen to partner with has created a beautiful blueprint for us to follow, taking us room by room!

    Need the oils hookup? Start here! (Click on Join & Save and then choose the kit that's right for you!) Important to note: All oils are not created equal, and you're gonna want the oils from the company that's committed to quality, testing, transparency, environmental responsibility, and integrity at every step.

    As we go along, you'll see I've added some additional (non-toxic, minimal waste, conscious consumerism) tips! Ignore them or embrace them. They're there for you, for whenever you're ready to go next-level in the various areas of your life!

    Most important: This is *not* about perfectionism. It's about progress and a commitment to doing better when we know better, as soon as we're able. Little by little, you'll find that these small changes will add up to major shifts and can impact your life in ways you never imagined!

    Here's to your health, my friend! And here's to the journey!


    We'll begin in the kitchen, where we'll be tackling a few simple swaps, the most important and life-changing (in terms of green cleaning) of which will be the all-purpose cleaner! If you do nothing else to green things up this week, let it be making this cleaner! Throw in a little baking soda and you can tackle pretty much anything that comes your way! 

    Oh, and here's a quick tip for the dishwasher tabs: You'll find that you'll need to keep pressing them down into the molds for a while before they stay. Be patient with them - they'll eventually stop expanding! Alternatively, try this awesome recipe from Ange Peters that doesn't involve any expanding or pressing down!

    Wanna go next-level in the kitchen? This is truly where health begins.

    Choose real, fresh, clean, ethically grown food whenever possible. Shop the perimeter of the store and get to know your local farmers

    Learn how to tap into food as medicine!

    Swap plastic and disposable paper products for glass, metal, and cloth/wax

    BYOB (bag/backpack/basket) when you shop!

    Invest in a water filtration system - for the water you drink and also for your shower(s). Our fave (and a very worthwhile investment) is the Berkey!

    Toss out the Teflon. Non-stick. Talk about toxic, unfortunately! Instead, choose stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, glass, and cast iron. 

    Composting: DIY or find a service like Compost Cab near you!


    A few things to add to this lovely lineup!

    doTERRA's Laundry Detergent is excellent, works equally awesomely in both regular and HE machines, and is super concentrated. You only need about a tablespoon per load!

    doTERRA's On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is the perfect pre-treatment for bad stains! Works like a charm!

    Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are some of the most toxic items in our homes, particularly because of the fragrances that come with! Throw them away, grab yourself some organic wool dryer balls, and use your high quality, ethically sourced essential oils to scent them with your favorite aromas! 

    Whenever possible, hang dry! And remember that a diffuser in the laundry room is perfect for getting any of those muggy, mildowy smells out!


    Psst: The dishwasher tabs from Day 1 (kitchen day!) work beautifully as toilet pods. Now that I've found them, I'm never going back to my original "sprinkle with baking soda, spray with multipurpose cleaner, wait 20ish mins, and clean" method, which also works really well, by the way! I'm all about that dishwasher tab in the toilet now!

    Other bathroom tips:

    (1) Go green with your TP, too!

    (2) Keep a bottle of Peppermint by the sink for funky smells. A couple drops in the toilet bowl or sink is all you need.

    (3) Flush with the toilet seat down. Nuff said.

    (4) Get yourself a tube of the On Guard Toothpaste - you will love it, and so will your mouth!

    (5) While you're at it, give your shampoo + conditioner and your skincare a major upgrade, too.

    (6) Choose reusable instead of disposable.

    (7) Try this very high vibe evening skincare regimen: Add 10 drops each of Copaiba, Frankincense, and Blue Tansy to a 10-ml rollerball or one of these awesome pump bottles, and top with a mix of fractionated coconut and jojoba oil. Sooo friggin good!

    (8) Detox your pits! DIY or grab an awesome all-natural deodorant that works!

    (9) Check out my favorite resource for optimal oral health empowerment!

    (10) And please please please quit the conventional pads and tampons. The ingredients in those things (fragrance, pesticides, bleach, etc.) have no business being in or around our vaginas. Amiright? Choose organic or cloth, and try out a cup, if you haven't yet!


    Today's DIYs will make you feel extra fancy and extra clever. They'll also make your house smell amazing. So smart to add essential oils to those air filters!

    In ALL living areas: Swap a diffuser and some essential oils for those toxic air fresheners! I promise you'll never look back.

    Here's another simple tip to make diffusing (so easy, so powerful!) extra simple: Keep your favorite essential oils and a glass bottle of water right next to your diffusers!


    Onto the bedroom! FYI: This is actually where we keep the linen spray from laundry room day!

    Sleep: A few favorite oils for a very restful sleep include Lavender, Serenity, Cedarwood, Lemon, Vetiver, and Frank. Turn on your diffuser a few minutes before bed and you'll walk into the most relaxing space!

    Self-Care: Give yourself a little Lavender foot massage (couple drops of Lav + a bit of coconut oil!) and take a moment to appreciate everything your feet do for you.

    Technology: Put your phone and laptop on the other side of the room when you go to sleep. Ain't nobody got time for all that radiation. 

    Plants! Get yourself some air purifying plants for your bedroom (and beyond!).

    Bedding: Choose organic. Even Target's got some! 

    Condoms: Choose carcinogen-free. Because obvio. 


    Super simple. You got this.

    Also consider: If you haven't worn those clothes in months, consider gifting them to someone who could make better use of them!

    And maybe even: Explore the world of ethical and sustainable fashion. Super eye-opening and just might prompt a whole different kind of detox. One thing at a time, my friend, but good to be aware.


    Treat yourself to a car diffuser! Let it be part of your decompression process after work each day or when you're stuck in traffic! Other simple car tips: Turn off the news and turn on some music you love, or listen to a positive and inspiring book or podcast!

    And that brings us to the end of this 7-day adventure!

    I hope you've found something of value here and that you'll make a few changes that will make life happier and healthier for you.

    For more info on these incredible essential oils, hop over here.

    And let's stay connected! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. Reach out if you'd like to connect to learn more about healthy, happy, natural living!