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  • Metta Meditation + Things I'm Grateful For

    Metta Meditation + Things I'm Grateful For

    In yoga class last night, 
    The flow was good. Very good.
    But the message was even better.
    And the timing was perfect.
    Brittni led us through a loving-kindness meditation.
    Metta meditation.

    Not familiar?

    The Greater Good Science Center, out of the University of California Berkeley, describes loving-kindess (or "metta") meditation as the simple practice of directing well-wishes towards other people

    And also yourself.

    It's a simple, yet powerful way to feel happier, pump up the positivity, get yourself on a trajectory of growth, feel more connected, and even change the way you approach life! 

    Pretty awesome, eh? 

    How does it work? You simply direct kind, loving feelings to yourself, others (those you love, as well as those you've been feeling tension/negativity towards), and finally, all beings everywhere. It only take a few minutes to do, and it's something anyone can do - including the little ones!

    Check out this awesome video to get a better feel for how this works!

    I'd gone into class feeling some tension about something (doesn't matter what) someone (doesn't matter who) had said earlier this week. And the metta meditation was exactly what I'd needed.

    It left me feeling peace, ease, perspective, compassion, and love for the person who'd been weighing on my mind. It felt like a weight had been lifted: Free from the negativity and the tension. Ready and able to move on. 

    And that's where the gratitude comes in.

    To me, gratitude is like a reality check.
    Yeah, things may be crazy at times.
    Life may feel really hard.
    And it may seem silly to stop and think about what you're grateful for. 

    But I've found that, especially in those most challenging moments, when we take the time to focus on what's good in our lives (love, friendship, being brave, overcoming fear, telling your story, time to listen, being heard, sitting in the sunshine, making a big change, a hug, a hand, doing what's right), something incredible happens.

    A shift.
    And a lightness. 
    And over time, it grows. 

    So I invite you to pause for a moment today.
    Or even a few times today!
    To direct some metta at yourself, the people in your life, and the world. 
    Lord knows we can (all) always use more loving-kindness.

    Maybe even start a list!

    I'll kick things off with 5 big things I'm feeling especially grateful for this morning:

    • Love in my life.
      From family and friends.
      People who lift me up, cheer me on, and genuinely care.
      I am so grateful for you.
    • Community.
      My tribe.
      And there are many, actually.
      This one is forever shifting and expanding.
      But the magic that happens when you connect with people who "get" you is hard to describe. 
      And I am so grateful for this.
    • Meaningful work.
      The opporunity to do soemthing that lights me up and makes me feel alive.
      With food, natural health, self-care, supporting, educating, empowering.
      But most of all: People
      For this I am massively grateful.
    • My Health.
      The ability to breathe clearly, move freely, dance, stretch, run, relax, travel, and snuggle.
      These were not always things I could easily do.
      And I cherish them now more than ever.
    • And even: The Hard Stuff
      Because it's shaped and molded me into who I am today.
      It's an excellent teacher.
      I am stronger, clearer, and more confident in who I am and what I'm capable of because of the challenges.

    And you? What are you thankful for right now?

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers!

    Wherever you may find yourselves today,

    May you be happy,
    May you be healthy,
    May you be safe,
    May you be peaceful,
    And may you be at ease.


  • What You'll Find Here

    What You'll Find Here

    Hello Love,

    I love this photograph from our trip to Tulum. 
    It feels like freedom, peace, and warmth.
    Invites you to have a seat. To share some food together. To share some time together.

    How are you, my friend? 

    I've been meaning to write this for a while now. Just haven't known exactly where to start, I guess. It's been a long time since we've connected this way, and I've missed you

    How've you been? I mean, really: How are you? 

    How do you feel?
    What's good in your world?
    What are you loving right now? And who?
    What do you want more of?
    And how do you want to feel?

    In a way, I suppose I've been asking myself these very same questions. 

    It's amazing how easily we can get lost in our lives, as we're learning, exploring, fumbling, feeling, and finding our way through. 

    Things can get heavy. And tight. And confusing. And feel like too much.

    Sometimes (used to be most times), when that happens to me, I turn inward. Push through. I keep those feelings of overwhelm and fear to myself. 

    Other times (better times), I breathe, meditate, and create. 

    And that helps. A lot, actually.

    But what I've discovered is that the real magic, the release, the ease, the acceptance, and the greatest sense of love is in connection.

    Community. Support. Sisterhood. Family. Tribe.

    Sometimes it's a community of two. Sometimes 10. Sometimes many more.

    But feeling understood and loved, unconditionally, is where it's at.

    Being honest, being vulnerable, being who we are. With ourselves and our people.

    These days, I'm craving simple things. 

    Clean, nourishing food. Gentle movement. Connection. Fresh air. And soothing spaces.

    I'm hugging more. Telling you I love you, because I do. And because if not now, then when? 

    I'm practicing being in the moment. And trusting the timing. 

    Letting go. Accepting. And re-connecting.

    All the while, I'm taking my time and being patient with myself, as I become the most genuine version of myself I've ever been, stripping away the superficial stuff. 

    I share this with you because I want to let you in. I want you to know where my mind's been. And where I am now.

    The past year has been full of joy, challenges, love, leaps, and figuring stuff out.

    It's been wonderful and tearful and beautiful. 

    So what's good in my life?

    So much love. Friends + family. Work - coaching, teaching, collaborating, empowering, leading - that is more aligned with what I believe than ever before. Adventures. Community. And peace.

    And what do I want more of?

    All of the above. I want to let go of what no longer serves me, take better care of myself, do yoga, laugh, learn, and connect with people who want the same.

    In the end, I want to leave more love in the world and help people find their happy place.

    Which brings me to you, my dear friend.

    Because that's what you'll find here.

    Food? Yes. But so much more. 

    Because there's so much more to life than food.
    And especially worrying about food.

    So let's enjoy food again. Let's uncomplicate, savor, and appreciate.

    And while we're at it, let's not forget about all the other things that make life awesome.

    Whether it's real food, culinary nutrition, travel adventures, holistic living, essential oils, natural solutions, yoga, musical medicine, inspirational folks, mindful living, life stories, or community you're looking for, it'll be here.

    Shared honestly and freely. From me to you. 

    Though I do hope you'll share, too.

    And I thank you, so very kindly, for being a part of this community. Part of my life. It surely wouldn't be the same without you. 

    Love + Light,

  • Chocolate Cranberry Bliss Balls

    Chocolate Cranberry Bliss Balls

    Welp. We ran out of dark chocolate yesterday. Never a good thing! I like a piece of high quality dark chocolate from time to time. And my husband looks for it every night!

    After the success of the Wild Orange Bliss Balls at my essential oils class last week, I was really wanting to put together a chocolate-themed "bite" *for all the lovers* this Valentine's Day. (Or any day!)

    These are super easy, satisfying, and frankly, quite healthy! Throw them together today, pop them in the fridge, and enjoy throughout the week. Warning: They go fast! 

    1 cup nut/seed butter (we like sunflower seed butter)
    1/2 cup dried cranberries
    1/4 cup sesame seeds
    1/4 cup hemp hearts
    1/4 cup maple syrup
    1/4 cup cacao nibs
    1/4 cup cacao
    1/4 teaspoon vanilla
    1/8 cup chia seeds
    Pinch of sea salt
    1 drop doTERRA Cinnamon
    2 drops doTERRA Wild Orange


    • Place all ingredients in mixer bowl.
    • Mix thoroughly, until well combined.
    • Shape into 1-inch balls.
    • Place in fridge to store.

    And enjoy!

    Happiest Valentine's Day to you and yours! Lots of love from me! 


  • Día de los Muertos, For Remembering

    Día de los Muertos, For Remembering

    The first July after Grandpop passed away was especially hard. Everyone felt it. His presence and his absence, simultaneously. 

    We'd traveled to the Outer Banks for our annual family reunion. And though he wasn't a particularly loud man while he was alive, everything seemed quieter that year.  

    Months had passed since he'd left us, but the sting, the loss, the pain was still so palpable. I thought of him often and cried every time. 

    That summer, Aunt Kath and Aunt Marg laid out some of his possessions in the living room, on the couches and the chairs.

    T-shirts he'd had made, with images from some of the earliest family reunions. His ties, his eyeglasses, a travel sewing kit, a travel clothes line he'd made himself, his hats, more clothes, and other assorted belongings leftover from his children's painstakingly tedious sorting through of his things.

    Pieces of him, scattered around.

    For us.

    To pick and choose, and take home with us. To remember.

    I wanted to rush up in front of my cousins and grab up everything I could get my hands on. To get first choice. To keep every tangible bit of him. To take him home with me.

    It felt wrong. I felt guilty. I felt ashamed for some reason. But I wanted any pieces of him I could have.

    A few minutes passed. I looked around the room at people wearing his shirts and his sunglasses, smiling, laughing.

    And I noticed there was still something very special sitting on the couch. I asked one of my aunts if I could have it: his little medicine trunk. A brown leather Samsonite travel case, with a hard frame and brass buckles on the front. Inside, a few of his old medications and travel supplies were still tidily tucked away. 

    I also took some of his ties, which I gave to my husband, Eddie, and a pair of his military-issued thick-rimmed eyeglasses. 

    I remember that I carefully rolled his ties and placed them, along with his glasses, in his travel case.

    Tears welling up in my eyes, as they are now, I clutched the case tightly and walked downstairs to my room, silently asking forgiveness for my greed.


    This morning, years later, I opened that medicine trunk.

    And the smell of my grandfather spilled into the air, hitting me hard in the face and the heart. My throat tightened and I felt hot tears slide down my face. 

    It still happens, but not as much as before.


    It's funny, isn't it, how someone can be something very different to each person they know?

    I know for a fact that his relationship with my older cousins wasn't the same as it was with my sister and I.

    And the nearly three quarters of a century he spent with my grandmother, too, was surely a very different kind of relationship. Many challenges, to be sure. He was away a lot, in the Navy. My Nanny did so much on her own to raise a family of four children.

    But for me, Grandpop was always such a hero type of man. Loving, kind, supportive. He always believed in me and he always told me so.

    To me, he was wonderful. I'm so grateful I got to know him that way. That for me, he was all goodness and nothing bad. I hope he knew that about our relationship. I have to believe he did, and still does.

    On this November 2nd, Día de los Muertos, All Souls Day, he surely has come back home.

    I feel his presence all around me. My tears are both of love and of loss.

    It's a day to remember those who've gone before and who are no longer here in their physical form. A day to welcome them back home to the Earthly world, honor them and love them, and then send them safely back to the spiritual world.

    It's been years since I've done this, though I always mean to, and long overdue, but this afternoon I built an altar for my grandparents and Eddie's grandfather, too.

    We built it by the window, to let the light shine in, the rays of light symbolizing the impermanence of life. And to guide them home to us for the day. To "catch up".

    Photographs, belongings, candles, favorite foods, memories. Time and attention. Permission to cry. Permission to smile as you speak of them. And to let the love flow. It's so simple, but so powerful, too.

    How often do we stop to remember our dead?

    Gone but not forgotten. I love this tradition. Day of the Dead. 

    Today, I especially honor and celebrate the lives of our loved ones who have gone before us.

    Because the last thing I want is to forget.

  • Feels So Right Today

    Feels So Right Today

    The rain is seriously coming down in our neck of the woods.

    All day. Non-stop. But it feels right, somehow.

    As I wrote on my Facbook page this morning: 

    Sometimes a rainy day just seems so fitting. A gentle, welcome, washing away. In-between time. The past is the past, but still lingers. And the future lies just ahead, a glimmer of gold, sparkling on the horizon. If you're lucky, you're somewhere safe and warm, and you're beginning to feel the joy, the hope, the thrill, even - of the promise of tomorrow. Of new beginnings. Light a candle, brew some tea, burn some incense. Write, read, sing, rest, stretch, reflect. Create. Dream. Envision. Take a moment to let the awareness of what is good in your life set in. And another to begin to let a new story unfold. Our time here is only so long. Let's do it right.

    What is it you want to do? To feel? To experience? To leave behind in this lifetime? 

    And what is one simple thing you can do today - to start moving in that direction? 

    This is one of my favorite conversations to have with people. It helps uncover what really matters, what keeps us from achieving our goals, and what we can do to start growing into the vision we have for ourselves.

    I am here to listen, and to help you find your way. Please don't hesitate to reach out

    Sending so much love your way, today and always.


  • Today I Choose Awareness

    Today I Choose Awareness

    Today, I choose awareness. I choose to be aware of the beauty of life and living. I choose to be aware of the simple pleasures in life. I choose awareness of joy, awareness of peace, and awareness of love.

    Good Saturday Morning, Loves.

    Today's message is a simple one. Awareness.

    It's been a long week for me. A long few days, really. Lots of emotions and questions and tension and analysis. Lots of sleepless nights and stressful days. 

    I woke up feeling like I needed to connect with you - and also with myself. 

    I needed to simplify. Let go. Shift into more peaceful thinking. Un-complicate, decompress, and slow down.

    Ever feel this way? 

    If you have, or you do, and you're aching to return to a place of calm and ease, then I offer this invitation. 

    Ask yourself what you need in this moment?

    This is powerful.

    Let the answer come freely. No judgement. No over-analyzing. Just truth. 

    It might be small. Like mine today: Be aware. Appreciate the beauty of life and living. Gratitude for the simplicity.

    A few minutes to yourself.
    An hour of time in nature.
    Making art.
    Planting seeds.
    Skyping with your husband who's far away.
    A picnic with your love.
    A date with your best friend.
    A drive through the woods, windows down.
    Farmers markets.
    Sunshine on your face.
    Flowers in the window.
    A chapter from a book you love.
    A verse from a favorite poem.
    A jam session in the car. Or anywhere, really.
    Banana soup with your best bud.
    Floating in the ocean.
    Swinging on a swing.
    Watching the people you love and loving them even more.

    Or it could be major. Huge. If you could do one thing, change one thing, think one thing, choose one thing that would make a massive difference in your life - for the positive, what would that be?

    You might surprise yourself at how easily the answer comes.

    At how obvious the solution is.

    And how simple.

    Whatever it is you need, right now, ask yourself:

    What do you most need in order to feel more peaceful, more in tune with yourself, and more free? 

    It's up to you. And it's already inside of you. Go within. 

    And feel free to share below. 

    So much love to you today - and always. XO

  • For You, Mom, With Love

    For You, Mom, With Love

    For You, Mom, With Love

    For wanting me
    For choosing Dad
    For morning sickness, a giant belly, and stretch marks
    For fourteen hours of labor
    For what your body did to give me mine
    For surviving
    For late nights and early mornings
    For giving me a sister
    For my "smiling eyes"
    For Photo albums, American Girl dolls, and rollerblades
    For legos, toy trucks, a Playskool doctor’s kit
    For ginger ale and toast when I was sick
    For music and for singing
    For all of us together in the minivan
    For all of us together
    For Band-Aids and icy pops
    Birthday parties and holidays
    Homework and family dinners
    Fruits and veggies
    Doing exercise videos in the living room together
    Vacations and slumber parties
    For board games and books
    For Goodnight Moon
    The Giving Tree
    And Love You Forever
    For chores and trips

    For the love of family
    For thoughtful cards and generous gifts
    For teaching me right from wrong
    And letting me make my own mistakes
    For letting me decide what I believed in
    And supporting me when I did
    For warnings and discipline
    Curfews and rules
    For always seeing the best in me
    For holding me while I cried
    For endless pride
    For cheering me on at soccer
    And knowing the names of all my friends
    For trusting me
    For calling often
    And leaving long messages
    And fighting the urge to leave long messages
    For wanting to know what I’m up to
    For writing to me when I’m away
    For sending me to summer camp and taking me to Europe
    For always being there
    And always
    At school, after school
    At gymnastics and Girl Scouts
    At dance, swim team, soccer, camping, chorus, and talent shows
    For dentists, doctors, orthodontists, gynecologists, allergists, gastroenterologists
    And everything in between
    For doing the dishes when you come over - even when I tell you not to
    For bringing me newspaper clippings about things I love
    For asking questions
    For Free To Be You And Me
    For Raffi and Tom Chapin

    For peace rallies
    And burning your bras
    For telling us the truth
    And all the many millions of little things that make you so awesome
    And all the many millions of things I'm forgetting right now
    For being you
    For being beautiful
    For having the biggest heart
    For leading by example
    For letting me do my thing
    And for your endless boundless limitless growing love
    I thank you
    And am forever grateful.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, Mom.
    And to all moms - wishing you an extra beautiful day of love and appreciation. XO

  • How To Make The Most Of Your Lunch Break

    How To Make The Most Of Your Lunch Break

    On Sundays the atrium is a quiet place. Light fills the open space, flowing in from above and all around, creating a peaceful calm that’s difficult to find in a busy city hospital.

    It’s not often I sit here on my lunch break. Because most days aren’t like Sundays.

    When I first started working here, I’d go to the cafeteria every day. I’d eat with my wonderful preceptor – and we’d talk about work, life, and recipes. She was a model of a nurse. Honest, full of integrity, and genuinely concerned with the health of her patients. I was lucky to have her.

    After orientation, when I was on my own, I’d often allow myself fifteen minutes of my break to catch up on charting. Something my preceptor highly discouraged.

    This is your break time. Get faster/better at keeping up – or catch up later. Take this time for you.

    She was right.

    Now that I no longer need to catch up on my lunch break (it just comes with practice), I seek a quiet spot. An empty room, a tiny green space outside (when it’s warm), or the break room (when it’s not full).

    I know what I need to slow my heart rate, breathe, and disconnect for those precious 45 minutes. Maybe I’ll catch up on a few personal emails. Call my love. Or listen to an audiobook. I’ll steep a cup of peppermint tea, listen to a favorite song, or take a walk outside – if only for a few minutes. 

    This break is important. Essential. I’ve been saying for years that we should have naptime built into our schedules. Imagine how much more focused, productive, and positive the rest of the workday would be!

    Even when I’m working from home, I need this midday pause. A mindful lunch, a music break, a moment to look around and appreciate the world and what I’ve got. 

    You’re out there doing awesome work in the world. You’re driven, passionate, determined. So don’t forget to stop and breathe. And eat. And take care of yourself. So you can keep doing what you do best. 

    Need some ideas to make the most of your break time? 

    1. Stop doing work. Leave your workspace. And minimize screen time.

    2. Take several slow breaths – in your nose for five seconds, out your mouth for five seconds – before you eat.

    3. Eat real food, preferably the kind you made at home.

    4. Eat mindfully. Give thanks for your food. Chew it well. And put your fork down between bites.

    5. If possible, go outside. Go for a walk in the sunshine.

    6. Do something that relaxes you. Get some music therapy. Today I can’t stop listening to this song. Or make yourself a cup of tea. (I love peppermint because it's energizing.)

    7. Make new friends. Eat lunch or have a conversation with someone you haven’t before. You might be surprised at what you’ll learn.

    8. Catch up with people you love with a quick phone call, message, or email.

    9. Read a book. Or listen to one.

    10. If time allows, squeeze in a little shut-eye or simply lie down and breathe for a few minutes.


    The underlying message here is to take this time for you.
    So how do you make the most of your lunch break?
    And is there one thing you'd like to try from the list above?  


  • Amping Up The Love

    Amping Up The Love

    Today is not about the cards, flowers, chocolate, or gifts.

    It's not about spending a ton of money.
    Or stressing out about where to get a dinner reservation. 

    It's simply about love.

    About saying, Hey, I'm really glad you're in my life.
    Thanks for being the greatest friend.
    You're amazing, and I should tell you that more often.
    Or, I feel so lucky to have you. To know you. To be inspired by you.

    It's about sitting down to dinner together.
    And really listening to each other.
    Appreciating each other.

    It's about sitting with yourself.
    And really listening to yourself.
    Being honest with yourself.

    It's about sitting in acceptance, nurturing, and love.
    For your life, your dreams, and everything that makes you you.

    To me, Valentine's Day is just about amping up the love. A reminder, of sorts. 

    Take a moment today to be grateful for the love in your life. 
    Past and present.
    Near and far.
    Within and all around you.

  • Choose Gratitude

    Choose Gratitude

    Choose calm today. 

    This beautiful Christmas cactus reminds me of my Nanny. 
    As I write this, I can feel her here with me, squeezing my hand and sending me love. She pushed me. Challenged me. Celebrated me. She played the piano so beautifully - and the organ. She was a teacher, raised a family, and loved to read. She was a constant in my life for many many years. Until, one day, she was gone. I don't think it was until the end of her life that I really appreciated her as I should have. And even then there was so much more I could've done.

    I miss her. And others, too, who are no longer here. Celebrating Christmas without them is painful. Their bodies, their faces - are like shadows in the room. There's a kind of emptiness, now, at the dinner table, and in other spaces they once occupied.

    This Christmas, I find myself paying attention to the loss and the pain of the season. The sacrifices. The pressing on. New beginnings. Fighting spirits.
     And the massive love all around us.

    On Sunday, driving home from dinner with friends, we were met with the blaring alarms of sirens. Fire trucks and ambulances, rushing to the scene of a horrific house fire. Police had blocked off the road, but we could see, as we passed, that the house was hopelessly enveloped. Lost to the ravages of a hungry fire. And just before Christmas. It left us speechless. A pause in our conversation, a heaviness in our hearts. And we sat in stillness for a moment, offering up a silent prayer that no one had been harmed.

    It's the natural time for gratitude. It flows immediately, almost painfully, at moments like these. For a home and a wonderful family. Beautiful friendships. A body that does great things for me every day.

    Working in healthcare can be challenging, to say the least. There's a lot of stress, a lot of pressure, a lot of long hours on our feet. Lifting, turning, pulling, cleaning, comforting. Giving. Documenting... And a lot of people who just don't seem to appreciate you. But that's not all there is - and not always the case. 

    The Emergency Room is the kind of place that brings out the best and the worst in folks. And it's because of this that I enjoy the privilege of a tiny little window into the massive love in people's lives. 

    Like the couple, in their eighties, I cared for yesterday. She was the patient and he her husband of forty-nine years. Overcome by a rapid progression of neurological decline, she was tired and weak, listless and helpless. With my wonderful coworker, I spent a full hour cleaning her up and getting her comfortable, while her husband hovered around us, longing to help, wishing he could. But the disease, whatever it was, had been just as hard on him. His eyes were tired. And worried. But full of love. He'd been caring for her himself since the Summer, when the whole thing started.

    Many times I went in and out of that room, before the end of my shift. And each time, as I left, I'd see him stand, come in close, smooth back her hair, and kiss her, gently, on her forehead.

    Choose love.

    And in that moment a tiny curl of the corners of her mouth - a smile - would appear, ever so sweetly and briefly, and then fade away. In July they'd been going to the gym together. And now? 

    It was so sad, but so beautiful - something I had very little time to process in the midst of providing care and comfort. But as I sat at the kitchen table last night, sharing this story with my husband, I was overcome by the painful beauty of the experience - a witness to such devotion and love. Such pain. A husband savoring every precious moment with his wife. His companion, his friend, his love. His life.

    These are the moments I cherish - moments of overwhelming love and gratitude. 

    Sometimes they come out of pain or loss, struggle or frustration. Sometimes they come after mistakes I've made. Or satisfaction from things I've achieved. Many times, they come out of nowhere - unexpected reminders to live and love and give thanks.

    Choose gratitude.

    What are you grateful for today? Tell me here.
    Sending you so much love this holiday season.

  • It's Really NOT All About The Vegetables

    It's Really NOT All About The Vegetables

    Health Coaching the very natural and obvious answer to a question I'd been asking myelf for years.

    How can I do what I love and make a meaningful difference in the world?

    My personal struggle with intense gastrointestinal problems and debilitating asthma led me, quite unexpectedly, to a plant-based diet. To my great amazement, I healed what doctors and pharmaceuticals had been unable to heal - simply by changing the way I ate. 

    I became a very loud advocate for the whole food, plant-based diet. I began to explore other natural healing modalities: yoga, in particular, and massage, herbal supplements, essential oils, meditation. The list goes on.

    This very "give me the facts" and "show me the science" type of gal now fully and completely believes in the power of integrative health. And in questioning what's best for me, instead of accepting what I'm told at face value - or because it's just "how things are". Eastern and western. Alternative and conventional. Yin and yang. One is simply incomplete without the other.

    So I invested in myself - went back to school (more than once) and started my health coaching practice. The journey has been amazing. But there is so much more to this story.

    What I understand now, more than ever before, is that there is no one right way to heal your body - or live your best life, for that matter. Every body - every person - is different. 

    There's no question in my mind that the whole foods, plant-based diet is a very healing diet. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to eat that way forever. Will plants always make up the majority of my diet? Absolutely! No question.

    But what's most important is that we pay attention to what our bodies need. What our hearts want. What lights us up and satisfies our souls. Makes us come alive. And gives us peace. 

    And that, dear friends, is what lights me up right now.

    It's not about how many vegetables I eat. It's about being true to myself and living my vision - more and more each day. 

    So what does my body need? Clean, nourishing foods, a vigorous yoga practice, and the human touch. What does my heart want? Deep connection, love, and friendship. And what gives me peace? Feeling good about what I'm putting into the world and knowing I'm making a difference.

    And now for an invitation.

    In the comments below, tell me. What's it all about for you? Why do you choose to take care of yourself - mind, body, and spirit? I'm guessing there's more to it than vegetables.

    Lots and lots of love, from me to you. XO

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