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  • Sharing My Story

    Sharing My Story

    I'm so honored to have been featured on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's blog. I stumbled across this post this morning and felt like this was exactly the time to share it with you. 

    My journey to becoming a Holistic Health Coach began with sickness and hopelessness. Now, my life is so very different.

    And I want others to see that this is possible for them, too.

    Today is the first day of this awesome new class I'm taking, and I was asked to introduce myself by answering these two questions:

    1. What do you do? 
    2. Why do you do it?

    Here's what I said: 

    What Do I Do?: I support and empower women (and some pretty awesome men, too!) to heal and thrive naturally - so they can stop feeling stuck and do more of what they love in the world.  

    Why Do I Do It?: It's what I'm most passionate about. I believe everyone deserves to have the knowledge and support (this part is crucial) they need to make their dreams (health, happiness, career, relationships) a reality. I've been on the other side of thriving and happy, and it truly felt like there was no way I would be able to turn things around. Hopeless, depressed, stressed-out, frustrated, angry. But when I began to pay attention to the way I nourished my body, mind, and spirit, everything changed. Now, I'm exactly where I want to be and trust that there are more good things coming.

    Truly, the most important message here is that change is possible. And I am here to help. Sometimes asking for help is the one thing that turns everything else around. 

    Here's the original article, in case you want to check it out:

    Have an awesome rest of the day, guys!

    Much love!

  • Change Your Life + An Invitation

    Change Your Life + An Invitation

    I'm not gonna lie. It was love at first sight. From her down-to-earth, real-talk approach, to her incredibly delicious whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) recipes, Meghan Telpner had me paying attention and wanting more from the very beginning. 

    I was a relatively new WFPB person back then - and definitely no expert in the kitchen! (Rice, beans, and greens were my specialties - and I couldn't even cook the rice myself.) I'd made the switch after watching an eye-opening documentary. It made me mad. And really really frustrated. But it also gave me hope. And inspiration! I could feel in my bones that things were going to change.

    Over the course of a few months, I went from eating what I thought was a pretty healthy standard American diet (that's HSAD) to eating what was essentially a vegan diet. (For a long time, I told everyone I was whole-foods, plant-based, but eventually I realized it was just easier to say, I'm vegan. If they were interested, I could always tell them more.)

    Why'd I do it? Asthma. Intestinal angst (IBS). Acid geflux. Allergies. And colds that just wouldn't go away. Lots of meds, lots of docs. Lots of stress and feeling "out of commission" and depressed. But, unfortunately, not a lot of help. 

    I was 28 years old and basically miserable about my once-awesome physical health. (And my mental health, too - as a result.) I just wanted to be able to breathe normally, exercise again, and get my energy back. I was tired. And getting pretty hopeless. So I said, Why not? And what happened felt like nothing short of a miracle.

    ALL my symptoms went away.  

    If you know what it's like to have to use your inhaler multiple times a day just to make it through - or if you've been carrying Immodium AD in your purse (or your pocket) for years, I want you to take a moment right now to imagine what it would feel like to throw those things away? That's right - throw them away.

    I'll tell you what that feels like. It feels like a gift. Like a miracle. It feels like getting your life back. Like finally catching a break. Like coming up for air and taking a long, deep, thoroughly satisfying breath. Again and again. 

    It feels like freedom.

    And thus, my new life began. 

    I studied plant-based nutrition, I decided to become a health coach, and I fiiinally learned how to cook - exactly the way I wanted to!

    All of these major milestones have been incredible chapters in my story. (And I could go on and on about each of them!) 

    But the reason I sat down to write to you today is that the amazing Meghan Telpner is getting ready to launch the newest and most incredible version of her Culinary Nutrition program - and I want you to be a part of it!

    If your story is anything like mine, you've been looking for a way to take your culinary nutrition knowledge (and maybe even your business) to the next level, or you're just finally ready to discover the incredible healing power of food for yourself or your family, then you're gonna want to check this out. It will change your life. No lie.

    Want the details?

    It combines the highest quality online learning (live classes, real-time prerecorded workshops, dedicated TAs, and a priceless online community of like-minded classmates), home study (recipe development and testing, client simulation, specialized meal plan development, development and delivery of culinary nutrition cooking classes and workshops), research and required reading, community and practical skills development, and awesome professional development workshops. 

    Ours was the very first online version of this course - and it was incredible! But Meghan and her team have taken what they've learned (and our feedback) and created an even more impressive program. The Spring session will start soon - and there are now more options available. You pick what works best for you - a "certification" or an "honorary" version of the program. (The "honorary" folks will even have the option to upgrade at a later date, if they like.) And graduates of the Spring session will be eligible for the following *new* benefits:

    • Be listed in MT's Academy of Culinary Nutrition's "Find An Expert" directory.
    • Create a profile that can include your contact details, social media etc.
    • The opportunity to submit content to the Academy of Culinary Nutrition blog to showcase your awesomeness.
    • Option to submit your own events into the Academy newsletter.

    Click HERE to get access to an overview of the Spring 2014 Schedule and everything you need to get started on a journey and an investment you will NOT regret.

    Questions? Message me! I'm more than happy to share my experience. 

    Salud, my friends! To your health!